Faculty of Architecture


Architecture refers to the science of designing and constructing buildings and the built environment to meet people’s physical,moral, spiritual and cultural needs bymaking use of alpha, beta, and gamma sciences. It encompasses soft and hard aspects and is the combination of both arts and sciences.

Alpha sciencesdeal with thesubjective world of beauty and morality represented by the artistic, intuitive soul. Beta sciencesdeal with theobjective world of facts and logic represented by the rational mind. Gamma sciencesconsider the interests of society and culture.  The mixture of these sciences in the practice of architecture and interior architecture makes the design task unique and challenging.


To bring our faculty  to a well-respected level of education and research both nationally and internationally, to be the place where universal knowledge is being researched, developed and shared with contemporary technologies. Therefore, we strengthen our research and development and set-up a research-based integral education.


We consider our graduates as the planners of the living environment of the future. Therefore, our  mission is to educate  our students  as self-confident, socially responsible, human-oriented individuals who are capable of designing high performing buildings using cutting-edge design and building practices.

While doing this, we want them to pay equal attention to the Soft (immaterial) and Hard (physical-material) aspects of buildings and the built environment so as to be capable of making contributions to scientific and technological developments as members of a new generation of architects and interior architects.


Prof.dr.ir.arch. İ.Sevil Sarıyıldız